Jets unsure if they will have Teddy Bridgewater in their workouts

Overshadowed by coveted rookie Sam Darnold, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater continues to work quietly on his return to the NFL. Almost two years after a devastating knee injury, Bridgewater is participating in the New York Jets' offseason program, however, its condition for the start of practice in training camp on May 22 is still in the air .

This Saturday at the rookie minicamp, head coach Todd Bowles did not pledge to say whether Bridgewater will participate. "I can not give them 100 percent," Bowles said. "I'll see when I get to that, then I can tell them." Bowles said he expects Bridgewater "to be out there pitching and competing with everyone else," but pitching and participating in team drills are two different things. The possibilities are that Bridgewater will be limited in some way.Follow premium soccer betting tips and bet on your favourite team.

Bowles gave an ambiguous answer when asked if Bridgewater has been running with his teammates in the conditioning exercises. "He's been training," Bowles said. Bridgewater, 25, suffered significant knee damage during the Minnesota Vikings training camp in 2016. The former starter practically missed two full seasons as he was limited to only a handful of plays in his comeback the last campaign.

The Jets signed Bridgewater with a one-year, $ 6 million contract with a signing bonus of $ 500,000. He also has a $ 500,000 bonus for training. They have four quarterbacks on the roster, Darnold, Bridgewater, regular starter Josh McCown and former second-round draft pick Christian Hackenberg, whose days seem to be numbered.